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Painted & Splashback Glass

Product Description:

Combining quality with exciting modern style, plus a myriad of colour opportunities, painted glass from Greaney Glass creates a stunning decorative finish that is permanent,durable and totally hygienic.

In the home, painted glass offers a stylish alternative for kitchen worktops and splashbacks, as well as shower screens, wall panelling and fitted furniture surfaces in the bathroom. Painted glass eliminates the need for unsightly grouting that you would normally associate with tiles. It can also be easily fitted over existing tiles.

Greaney Glass have an in house glass spraying system to ensure our glass is painted to the highest standard. Our state of the art CNC machinery can cut out holes/notches for sockets and switches as well as processing complex shapes. Once the glass toughening process is complete the glass is painted the required colour and within 24 hours after painting the glass is ready for fitting.

Safe, permanent and efficient.

The beauty of painted glass from Greaney Glass is it’s ability to colour match and contrast with virtually any other coloured surface or material. The paint application is an extremely high quality, permanent finish, sealed under the glass surface for long life durability. Easily wiped clean and impervious to cleaning agents, it is totally hygienic and easily meets Health and Safety requirements.

Benefits of Painted & Splashback glass:

  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic compared to the more traditional methods i.e. tiling
  • Our equipment offers the highest standard of paint spraying
  • Choice of colour
  • Heat Resistant
  • Durability
  • Installation time is minimal
  • Easily fitted over existing tiles

Product Option:

1.     Kitchen worktops
2.     Splashbacks
3.     Shower screens
4.     Wall Panelling
5.     Fitted furniture surfaces

Product Use:

  • Trade customers
  • Interior Designers

For further information on painted/splashback glass or any of our other products please contact us.