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Product Description:

DreamGlass® is a modern groundbreaking product which enables you to have privacy at the flick of a switch.It is a laminated glass which is composed of polymer and liquid crystal that changes state from opaque to transparent when an electrical current is activated.

Since its introduction in the market DreamGlass® has revolutionized the glass industry. By only pressing a switch the glass panel can become opaque or transparent and vice versa,granting instant privacy.

When DreamGlass® is in OFF mode (opaque) images can be projected onto the glass creating a high definition screen.

DreamGlass® General Applications:

    • Windows or office partitions
    • Conference rooms
    • Automatic or manual doors
    • Show rooms
    • Hospitals
    • Boutiques and stores
    • Restaurants and bars
    • Bank counters
    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchen partitions
    • Etc.

For further information on DreamGlass® or any of our other products please contact us.