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Decorative Glass

Product Description:

Decorative glass allows personal touch to be added in order to create a difference. Our dedicated in-house glass design department have many years experience in the area of decorative glass. All products produced vary and range from diamond leading for a double glazed unit to toughened glass door panels and sidelight with raised bevels and colour film.

Lead bevels and colour film can be applied to glass of all types and sizes according to customer specification and requirements. Our tailored software package allows images to be scanned, mixed and matched as requested. A full colour printout can then be generated to provide a full visual representation of the end product.

We also have a sandblasting service and along with our plotter and software package enables us to transfer the most intricate designs onto glass and mirror.

Benefits of Decorative glass:

  • Encourages creativity in terms of designing a room
  • Colour can be added to match room decor

Product Option:

1.     Decorative Glass & Mirrors

Product Use:

    • Interior Designers
    • Trade

For further information on decorative glass or any of our other products please contact us.