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Balustrade & Floor Glass

During recent years glass has become a very popular building material. Glass allows more light to enter a room where it is not possible to place a window. Greaney Glass has been providing customers with both balustrade and floor glass for many years. Through our ever increasing base of engineering and stainless steel customers we have been involved in the design and supply of glass for some very prominent and prestigious projects.

Glass balustrade panels can be supplied from 10mm to 19mm toughened depending on the client’s specification and requirements. The glass can then be fixed using stainless steel clamps or bolts which may require the glass to be drilled prior to toughening.

Floor glass can be supplied with both a non slip surface and sandblasted surface if required. The sandblasted option helps protect privacy. Floor glass panels can also be incorporated in the treads of a stairs if required. Safety guidelines and regulations must be adhered to when designing floor glass panels as they form part of the load bearing structure of the room when completed.

Benefits of Balustrade/ Floor glass:

  • Floor glass introduces additional light to any room
  • Balustrade glass allows glass to be used in balconies which gives a clean un-obstructed look

Product Option:

1.     Balustrade Glass
2.     Glass Flooring

Primary Use:

  • Trade
  • Engineers & Architects
  • Interior Designers

Further Information

For further information on balustrade/floor glass or any of our other products please contact us.